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1stAveMachine London

Posted by: admin | News | September 10, 2015 1stAveMachine London

Award-winning media production company 1stAveMachine has now launched a new office in London, their first in Europe. The new office will house their own set of UK-based creative personnel, with director / executive producer Isabella Parish leading the charge. Parish is a veteran in animation and production, having spent well over a decade at the production company Partizan.

 “I have always kept an eye over what’s been going on at 1stAveMachine,” Parish admitted in an interview. “When we met, immediately, it just felt right. Sam and Serge approached me with the idea, I loved it, and was excited for the challenge. We unintentionally turned a half hour meeting into one over two hours, there was just great chemistry.”

 According to partner Serge Patzak, the new London office is more than just a branch: “We have a permanent home in an amazing space in Soho and it is really important for 1stAveMachine London to have its own independent culture. The London marketplace has been changing pretty radically, so now is the perfect time to tell the 1stAveMachine story as people are enthusiastic about seeing something new.”