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3D Print a Dancer

Posted by: admin | News | March 4, 2016 3D Print a Dancer

The Chemical Brother’s music video for their new track Wide Open, created by om&Nic, features a dancer slowly turning into a 3D printed version of herself. 

 The effect is quite fascinating and realistic, as well as a little creepy. For those of you wondering how they managed to pull it off, here’s a great video released by The Mill, explaining the effects used.

We really conceived this video as a dance film,” Dom&Nic said in an interview with Dezeen. “We wanted to make a piece of dance that could only exist on film and couldn’t be experienced live. The song is about loss and change, so the idea that the woman changes from flesh and blood to a 3D-printed lattice reflects this change, and subsequent loss of her old self.”