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Ad Blocker Pulled

Posted by: admin | News | September 23, 2015 Ad Blocker Pulled

Ad blocker Peace was the top selling iOS app for just 36 hours before being pulled by its own creator. Creator Marco Arment explained in a blog post that “even though I’m winning, I’ve enjoyed none of it”. In his blog post, in which he discussed ad blockers in general and Peace more specifically, he among other things argue that “while they do benefit a ton of people in major ways, they also hurt some, including many who don’t deserve the hit.” He apologises to those who expected Peace to be available for longer than just two days, and suggests a number of competitors to use instead.

 “Ad-blocking is a kind of war — a first-world, low-stakes, both-sides-are-fortunate-to-have-this-kind-of-problem war, but a war nonetheless, with damage hitting both sides”, Arment writes. “I see war in the Tao Te Ching sense: it should be avoided when possible; when that isn’t possible, war should be entered solemnly, not celebrated. Even though I’m “winning”, I’ve enjoyed none of it. That’s why I’m withdrawing from the market.”