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Animated Com Winners

Posted by: admin | News | May 20, 2015 Animated Com Winners

Stuttgart Fest has now announced the winners to the 2015 Animated Com award. The main prize is awarded to French Arnaud & Jérôme for their work on “League of Legends: Warriors”.

“The trailer for the World Championship of Free2Play Games is a pure building of worlds!” said professor Thomas Hundt, creative director and CEO of Jangled Nerves GmbH and jury member. “Three minutes of a pulling effect with absolutely perfect images, movements and music transport the game’s and community’s fascination.”

The jury also included Martin Feyock (Munich), advertising CEO for the board of German Producers Alliance Film & Television; Kathi Käppel (Berlin), director and illustrator; Michael Preiswerk (Stuttgart), creative director and consultant; Florian Rederer (Stuttgart), CEO of Schokolade Filmproduktion GmbH; and Mate Steinforth (Berlin), CEO of Sehsucht GmbH.

For more information checkout: http://tinyurl.com/of54udj