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Biggest CES Takeaways

Posted by: admin | News | January 20, 2016 Biggest CES Takeaways

Over 150 000 people met in Las Vegas to discuss new tech at the latest CES conference – these are the biggest takeaways according to nine agency executives queried by Adweek.

Wearables are still on the rise, but it’s important not to get too cocky – people will only use wearables, at least in the long term, if they actually need them, not just for the wow factor. Meanwhile, health tech is getting more and more professional, specialised and simply more advanced, and we’re closer and closer to being a real world example of the classic Star Trek tech which basically diagnoses any physical problem on the spot.

No one with an interest in tech has missed the coming virtual reality revolution, which is still trying for different markets. As Delphine McKinley of Droga5 noted, this isn’t for every brand, but “it is worth trying”. Tom Edwards of Epsilon also noted that what really is new with VR this year is the ecosystem: “There were a number of sensors to enhance interaction within the VR experience, suppliers that are focused on building VR communities, livestream VR-based events and connect music to virtually immersive experiences. One other VR-based trend that came through is empowering consumers to create VR experiences themselves through new cameras.”

Read the full list over at Adweek, covering everything from headphones to self-driving cars HERE.