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China Surpasses US

Posted by: admin | News | April 29, 2015 China Surpasses US

China has now officially surpassed the United States as the number one market for iOS downloads – even though as much as three quarters of the 500 million smartphones on the Chinese market use Android as their operating system. Just by the sheer size of the Chinese population, even such a minority can still easily compete with a majority in smaller countries such as the United States. As a natural result, Asian companies are increasingly active in what were originally American markets.

Warner Bros’ Interactive’s senior vice president Greg Ballard are following the developments very closely:

“I believe, and I think we believe this as a company, that if you’re not a player in Asia right now you are by definition a regional player. The Asian companies are playing in our markets. Tencent is active in the US, Nexon is active in the US, and you can go on and on and on. They are global players, so to avoid being a regional player we now have to be in Asia as well. The opportunity is huge.”

Warner Bros’ Interactive are increasingly focused on the Asian markets, having developed dedicated branches in both Japan and Korea, to mention a few important regions. Facts remain, however, that American companies focus much less on Asian markets than Asian companies – especially Chinese – focus on American and European ones, with companies like Tencent standing out as good examples.