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Coca-Cola to Use Crowdsourcing

Posted by: admin | News | November 30, 2014 Coca-Cola to Use Crowdsourcing

The Chinese chapter of soda giant Coca-Cola has started gathering new marketing ideas using a crowdsourcing platform, simply asking creative contributors to do their best in describing “that Coke taste”.

The initiative comes from agency McCann Shanghai, and although Coca-Cola has used crowdsourcing as a means of marketing and market research in the past, this is quite an original version of it. Their question to the general public is quite simple, hopefully leading to more creative answers: “If you had to explain to an alien who has never tried it before, which particular element of the Coke taste experience would you talk about, and what creative expression would you show him to get him to crave a sip of that Coke taste?”

At the same time, the company is quite clear that they aren’t looking for fan submitted ads. On French crowdsourcing platform eYeka, where the whole competition takes place, they say that they are rather searching for a “creative point of view about the taste”. The competition asks for submitted videos of up to 40 seconds, either filmed or animated, and the price money for the winning applicant is at a cool €25 000. The eYeka campaign runs until mid-January and is open for applicants both within and outside of China.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Coke are searching for new ideas – in the past few years, their sales have been quite disappointing, and in the recently released statistics for 2014’s third quarter the global profits dropped another 14% in comparison to the same quarter in 2013.