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Digital Video on the Increase

Posted by: admin | News | December 11, 2015 Digital Video on the Increase

Digital video is on a clear increase, in a new study of how American adults spend their time. According to the study the time spent on digital video is now up to over an hour and fifteen minutes a day. Facebook has 8 billion views a day, and Snapchat has tripled its daily video viewership in the last six months, now up to 6 billion views a day.

With increased competition comes increased possibilities for the advertisers trying to break through to their audience, but it’s also important to understand the medium. While Snapchat’s new ad packages haven’t delivered as well as estimated, it seems it’s largely due to a misunderstanding of the medium – Snapchat users prefer vertical ads, and sit through them nine times more often than horizontal ones.

“Two to four minutes is what I consider the core of quality episodic content on the internet,” More Media CEO Samir Arora said, explaining how his company focus on videos that are much longer than the 10 seconds allowed on Snapchat and one minute, the average length of a Facebook video.