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Eurobest Initiative

Posted by: admin | News | November 18, 2015 Eurobest Initiative

Eurobest are launching a new programme set to help their delegates produce better work. Eurobest Extra will run alongside the regular three-day programme of talks and content.

 “People attend eurobest to get inspired and meet like-minded people but the ultimate goal for everyone is to leave being able to do their job better”, said Louise Benson, festival director at Eurobest. “With the support of the City of Antwerp, as well as our jurors and speakers, we’ve been able to pull together a host of additional activities like Creative Safaris and Portfolio Reviews, which will offer heightened inspiration and career mentoring.”

This year’s Eurobest, the “European festival of creativity”, is set to take place December 1-3 in Antwerp in northern Belgium.