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Flame Major Pricedrop

Posted by: admin | News | November 10, 2015 Flame Major Pricedrop

Autodesk has revealed new desktop subscription options for their Autodesk Flame software. The new pricing starts at $750 per month and is available at a quarterly subscription model at $2 000 per quarter ($667 per month) or annual at $6 000 per year ($500 per month). They also announced Flame support for OS X as of their November 2015 release.

“The changes we are making allow us to continue to provide our Flame users with the tools they need to grow and transform their businesses, now and in the future, as well as to ensure that our business continues to serve them. With the new Flame business model, it’s never been easier for artists and studios to access these powerful tools they need for the high-end finishing their customers demand,” said Marc Stevens, vice president of Film & TV at Autodesk. “Community feedback is vital to the future of Flame, and these changes reflect what our customers want; they’ll also allow us to meet the emerging needs of staff artists, freelancers and facilities by offering more choices, just like the rest of Autodesk.”