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Freelance Accounts

Posted by: admin | News | February 5, 2016 Freelance Accounts

We have finally recoded and made a total redesign of all our awesome members freelance accounts. When accessing your account it will now work much better and of course work on all platforms. The accounts have also been upgraded with some new funky stuff as well. Here is a list of some of the new features we have launched. Make sure to check them all out by signing in to your account here

  • Dashboard – See who is getting attention and what the hiring clients and your colleagues are upto.
  • Preview profile – Check out how your profile looks when colleagues and clients are accessing your CV.
  • Multiplatform – Now you can easily update your profile using iPhone, Android and other devices.
  • Browse members – Search for colleagues and friends and view full profiles.
  • Faster – We have cleaned up the code so now everything works much faster than before.
  • Contact – Need to get hold of us? We have included a contact form in your account


The new dashboard


Search for colleagues and friends and view full profiles


Optimised for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.