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Godzilla Visual Effects Breakdown

Posted by: admin | News | December 1, 2014 Godzilla Visual Effects Breakdown

Visual effects house Moving Picture Company (MPC) has recently released a brand new four-minute clip showcasing many of the visual effects they created for Warner Brothers’ and Legendary Pictures’ 2014 Godzilla reboot. The film, which was released in May and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston, has been widely regarded as a much better reboot than the failed attempt of 1998, and one of the highlights has without a doubt been the special effects. At least two more sequels are already in planning, with the first one scheduled for release in 2018.

The video, which can be seen below, showcases a number of scenes from the film, including shots of airplanes and debris crashing in the storm surrounding a bridge, and giant monsters rising from the depths of the dark waters. Both Godzilla and his enemies were completely created in visual effects for the film, and the immaculate details involved are clearly showcased in the video clip.