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Submit your freelance or permanent jobs and find your next freelancer or build a rock star team within minutes. Featuring easy-to-use tools that make searching and connecting with the right people a snap—UtopiaBook takes all of the stress out of hiring. It’s like the talent booking version of a nice comfy beanbag chair and glass of scotch.

Get hired now

Looking for a solid freelance gig or a permanent position with a company that fits your needs? We’ve got you covered. UtopiaBook has the most up to date job listings from movers and shakers within your industry, as well as freelance projects from the hottest new companies around. By the way, did we mention it’s free and only takes two minutes to sign up?

Free To Join

Both freelance talent and hiring organizations can sign up for a free account today. For most companies our free membership level is all you need, and if you’re an agency with work that’s piling up then you’re in luck: You can upgrade for just €99 a month with no hidden fees. We know this is a crazy deal, but we’ve always felt sanity was overrated anyway.

Expand your network

Want to keep track of old colleagues and make new connections? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve integrated some awesome features into UtopiaBook. With a simple click you can let hundreds of clients know you’re available for new projects. We’ve got all of the benefits of a creative community and we also help you pay the rent and cover your bar tabs.

Built in PR Agency

For companies and studios UtopiaBook comes bundled with a cleverly customized press release widget that instantly broadcasts your news to over 500 industry magazines and sites (including ours) to gain new business and create serious industry buzz! This is a free and unique feature that would normally run you thousands in PR costs.


UtopiaBook can basically do everything you need except make you coffee. Browse thousands of professional creatives with a single click. We’ve developed a killer search function that let’s you find exactly who you’re looking for and contact them directly. You can search by location, trade, specialty, showreel, portfolio, availability and much more.

The Future Of Recruiting

Don’t waste any more time trying to recruit on LinkedIn or antiquated job boards. When it comes to finding creative talent, UtopiaBook is next-level sh%#!. We’ve been proven to outperform traditional recruiting solutions over and over again. Want to see why some of the worlds greatest creative companies use UtopiaBook? Sign up now!

Tools You Can Actually use

UtopiaBook is built for both boutique sized companies and large studios. We’ve got a high street system that was previously only available to larger companies and made it free for everyone. And you can easily integrate our system into your website and social media! UtopiaBook just flat out looks sexy on all platforms.

Bigger and Better

UtopiaBook is the world’s largest network for the creative industry. We’ve got more features, more talent and more solutions that are going to make your life easier. Once you step inside you’ll see why so many creative professionals trust us with their information. UtopiaBook is going to make you a recruiting superhero, minus the cape of course.