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MAXON Cinema 4D R17

Posted by: admin | News | August 24, 2015 MAXON Cinema 4D R17

MAXON has revealed their upcoming Cinema 4D Release 17, slated for release in September. It is seen as a new milestone in their well known software, which is often viewed as a cornerstone piece when it comes to 3D animation, graphics, VFX and rendering. One central part of the new release is the new Take System, which provides flexible scene handling to render layers and animation variations, as well as the new Lens Distortion tools and completely reimagined Spline Tools.

 “MAXON is committed to enriching user experience and productivity,” said Harald Egel, managing partner. “The robust new features and subtle refinements throughout Cinema 4D R17 make this a must-have release.”

The new release of Cinema 4D is a big milestone in the software, including many reworked and reimagined features as well as a large number of brand new tools.