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Milk Wins Second BAFTA

Posted by: admin | News | May 7, 2015 Milk Wins Second BAFTA

Independent VFX house Milk has brought home another BAFTA award for their work on British science-fiction series Doctor Who – their second such an award in a row. The award acknowledges their work on the episode “Deep Breath”, on which they contributed with replacing half of actor Peter Ferdinando’s head with a mechanical structure, showing internal workings reminiscent of that of a clock.

“We are honoured to be recognised by the Academy for our work on Doctor Who for the second year in a row”, said Milk’s CEO Will Cohen. “For a company set to celebrate its second year in business at the beginning of June this is another fairytale ending to the year for Milk! It is a privilege to work with Stephen Moffat and the BBC Wales team on Doctor Who and provides us with an opportunity as VFX artists to help push the boundaries of what can be done visually on television.”

 “Deep Breath” was Peter Capaldi’s debut episode as the Doctor, directed by Ben Wheatley. Milk were previously awarded for their VFX work on 2013’s Doctor Who episode “Day of the Doctor”.