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Millennials Back to TV

Posted by: admin | News | January 13, 2016 Millennials Back to TV

Vice has recently taken over the History offshoot H2, and they are now launching a new network – Viceland – in order to lure millennials back to television. The network was originally revealed as early as November, but the people in charge have managed to stay quiet about the details of the project for quite some time now.

“The channel is a collection of personal points of view,” he said. “We’re trying to make a channel that is personal, that is people trying to understand the world that we live in”, said Spike Jonze, creative director of Viceland. “The idea of a TV channel seems like a fun medium to explore and play with. We’re trying to make this organism that’s alive. You turn it on, and it comes into your house like water.”

A number of new shows have been revealed for the network, all clearly meant for the millennial crowd, including Weediquette, a show about cannabis culture; Flophouse, a reality show featuring up-and-coming comedians; F*ck That’s Delicious, following New York rapper Action Bronson and his crew touring around the world; and a lot more.