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Minecraft HoloLens Revealed

Posted by: admin | News | June 22, 2015 Minecraft HoloLens Revealed

E3 2015 brings out a lot of exciting new games, products and features. In one of the more exciting reveals, Microsoft has displayed their ongoing work with using HoloLens for playing the insanely popular block building game Minecraft. Microsoft’s HoloLens has been shown as it works in a number of ways concerning VR/AR/MR, but this is the first time they have revealed anything to do with Minecraft, which they acquired along with its creator Mojang last Autumn.

In the presentation, Microsoft showed a player viewing Minecraft through 3D glasses, controlling the game with voice and hand commands. Albeit a presentation and far from being a completed product, this is still an interesting step, and most definitely something to keep an eye out for in the future.