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MPC Remote Office

Posted by: admin | News | December 3, 2015 MPC Remote Office

MPC’s recently expanded Amsterdam office is quite special – it functions fully remotely. With all of the studio’s hardware and equipment located at its flagship London office, the Amsterdam artists simply log onto a server to work.

 “Our technology team came up with the idea, they’re unbelievable”, MPC’s head of production Tim Phillips told Little Black Book in an interview. “Originally it was our aim to open an outpost in Amsterdam, no matter what. Within a few weeks of those plans the technology team had figured out how we could launch a remote facility. There are ‘off-the-shelf style products that offer remote grading technology but we’ve actually developed this technology ourselves. It runs wholly on our dedicated network so we don’t have to rely on the general Internet for it to function.”

Setting the Amsterdam office up as a remote office allows the company to minimise overhead costs, not needing engineers or bulky, expensive equipments. This might very well become the office of the future.