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Network TV is Losing Millennials

Posted by: admin | News | October 14, 2015 Network TV is Losing Millennials

Network TV is losing the millennial crowd at an alarming rate, with 18-49-year-olds down 25 percent from last year according to a new Nielsen report. The report is showing viewership of broadcast TV shows on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, the four largest American networks.

The trend is especially clear in the 12-17 and 18-24 groups, which now spends around 15 hours a week watching big broadcast television – the same numbers in 2011 were closer to 25 hours. The trend is quite clearly a result of new technology, which is especially popular in the younger age groups. This includes streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, but it seems to also go hand in hand with simply not watching as much television, but instead spending time with smartphone apps and social media like Facebook.