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New UtopiaBook

Posted by: admin | News | May 27, 2015 New UtopiaBook

Creative online recruiting platform UtopiaBook, a web application run by former talent agents UtopiaPeople, has announced their new pricing plan for members. The new changes reflect a 1000% price reduction and are accompanied by a brand new design and exciting new functions—as well as a new free account for hiring companies to try out their service for free. UtopiaBook is a world leading freelance recruiting platform in the creative and motion media industry and is now expanding into the advertising and gaming industries as well.

“We’re really excited by our new expansion because it’s going to allow us to offer even more unique features for our members,” says Stefan Strom, founder of UtopiaBook. “Our focus has always been connecting talent and companies within the VFX, film and TV industry and now we have the chance to cater to a whole new group of professionals.” According to Mr. Strom, UtopiaBook is a premiere web-application that helps VFX studios, TV channels, agencies and other creative organizations to quickly crew up productions and projects.

UtopiaBook gives professionals full access to thousands of talented freelancers from around the world and allows organizations the opportunity to post both freelance and permanent positions. Freelancers can also browse jobs and connect with other professionals in their industry to advance their careers.UtopiaBook is also announcing the launch of their unique press release widget that allows company members to send out press releases to over 500 selected magazines, blogs and news sites in the creative industry to help boost awareness about their work and presence.

“Today we are seeing a huge shift in the creative industry,” says Stefan Strom. “More and more people—especially younger generations—are choosing freelance work as opposed to full-time positions. They like the freedom to choose when and where they work. Also a lot of companies need to quickly reshape their workforce and using freelancers is of course a way to deal with this,” says Mr. Strong. “We are also seeing a shift of roles in the creative industry, because now you can have companies that offer both advertising and digital services (web) as well as video and film production along with postproduction. Some are even offering game production for all platforms. This is something we will definitely see grow in the future.”

Already the world’s largest database of motion creative professionals, recent studies have found UtopiaBook to be up to 400% more effective than traditional job-boards and social media solutions such as Facebook and LinkedIn, where people have traditionally posted their openings.

“We’ve adjusted our pricing so that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of our incredible features at UtopiaBook.” Mr. Strom says. “It doesn’t matter if you are a small creative shop or a larger agency, we have solutions for all sizes—no matter where in the world you are located. Working with freelance talent minimizes the financial risks for our clients and finding top-notch talent within minutes is a real breeze using our system. We are also seeing that working remotely with talented and trusted freelancers is becoming more common with many projects. If you can book your flights and hotels on the Internet, you should be able to find great team workers there as well.”

UtopiaBook is now offering a new lower price at 99€ per month with no long-term contracts, allowing members to cancel their membership at any time. The new pricing model is effective as of May 20.

“This new change allows us to offer our membership to a wider range of customers and even allows us to offer a free option for smaller organizations.” Says Stefan Strom. “This allows them to issue two job offers per year at no charge whatsoever. It’s really a win-win for everyone.”

About UtopiaBook

UtopiaBook is the world’s leading website for connecting professional creative talent and production companies, businesses and visual effects studios. The web application was designed by professional creative agents and recruiters who have served clients in over 38 countries. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, UtopiaBook is the world’s largest database of creatives. Among their clients you will find international studios as well as smaller boutique shops.