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NUKE Competition

Posted by: admin | News | August 25, 2015 NUKE Competition

The Foundry has announced a new competition for those who have spent some time with the free version of NUKE. They have since a great surge in users from their recent free version, and they now want to use that to encourage increased use. Since the free version of the software only allows for non-commercial use, the competition now encourages non-commercial projects with some fancy awards.

Among the awards you can get Wacom tablets, graphics cards, memberships in fxphd and, of course, the full version of the NUKE software. The goal of the competition is to use a video released by The Foundry, add a HUD and a leopard, and then finish the scene any way you want using the non-commercial version of NUKE.

The competition has a number of awards for different accomplishments, including “Best Sequence”, “Best Shot” and “Judges’ Pick”, including awards for runners up. For more info click here