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Quebec cutting Tax Credit

Posted by: admin | News | September 30, 2015 Quebec cutting Tax Credit

The new Godbout Commission report recommends phasing out the Quebec Production Services Tax Credit beginning in 2020. Quebec currently offers 20 % rebates on all expenses incurred in the province, and alongside the 16 % credit provided for digital effects and computer animation work done in Quebec as well as federal tax breaks of up to 16%, Quebec has become quite a desirable workplace for Hollywood film and TV show production, marked by recent big films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past300Mirror Mirror andImmortals. It is clear that a number of films have landed in Montreal simply because of their favourable incentives for filmmakers. As one example, this became clear when German director Roland Emmerich decided to shoot his film Stonewall there - “I said, ‘Guys, let’s go to Canada, let’s get big tax rebates,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

 Last year, 56 foreign film and television projects landed in Ontario, spending an estimated $504 million, while the domestic production accounted for $790 million.