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RED’s Magnesium 6K

Posted by: admin | News | February 11, 2016 RED’s Magnesium 6K

RED’s new 6K Weapon Magnesium camera is now shipping after an unbearable delay. The new camera is part of the WEAPON camera system, which includes three different models at the higher end of the new DSMC2 platform, in addition to the RAVEN and SCARLET-W cameras. All models in the series include 6K DRAGON sensors, but the actual cameras are made from different materials, correlating with the cost of the camera itself.

The Carbon Fiber models are also the only ones capable of producing 4K ProRes, whereas the Magnesium model is limited to just 2K ProRes. The flagship of the whole series – the 8K full-frame/Vista Vision WEAPON – is however taking a bit longer. 

The actual weight of the cameras is approximately the same, however the specifications result in a huge price difference. The Magnesium camera starts at around $30 000 with nothing included, and has the same cost for the upgrade package. The 4K ProRes Woven Carbon Fiver WEAPON is around $50 000 for the camera and as much for the upgrade. The main difference between the two is the Carbon Fiber model’s ability to take the 8K sensor, a side effect of which is 4K ProRes.