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RED’s New Camera

Posted by: admin | News | September 24, 2015 RED’s New Camera

RED will reveal their new camera, named “Raven”, on Friday, September 25th. A picture teasing about the camera was released on Facebook September 15th, and some additional details have been revealed since – apart from the name, we also know that it will have built-in WiFi and will be capable of 4K up to 120 fps. Many online reviewers speculate wildly based on the little information we have so far, and among others No Film School argue that everything points to the camera (body only) will be available for under $10 000. Based on the released teasers, the camera will have a body similar to that of Weapon.

 Apart from showing the camera, one of the teasers in question is a short video released by RED’s president Jarred Land in which he lets Raven increase in frame rate up to the top of 120 fps.