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Reel FX Sues Co-Founder

Posted by: admin | News | November 5, 2015 Reel FX Sues Co-Founder

Dallas based studio Reel FX, who were behind last year’s critically acclaimed “The Book of Life”, is suing their co-founder Dale Carmen and other former employees. The lawsuit, filed on August 31st in Dallas County Court, accuses Dale Carmen, Gary Banks, Keith McCabe and Dan Ferguson of “abusing their positions of loyalty and trust in order to steal critical business opportunities [and] pocket over $2.6 million in revenue.” Carmen is co-founder of the company, while Banks has served as executive producer, McCabe as general manager of the commercial division, and Ferguson has served as director of digital interactive. The defendants have denied the allegations, and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 28th. A trial date has been set for November of 2016.

Basically, the lawsuit claims that the defendants went after new accounts with the intent of funneling them into Carmen Industries, a company Dale Carmen started in 2011. The lawsuit claims that “in carrying out the scheme to steal the VR Opportunities, not only did defendants misappropriate and wrongfully disclose and use RFX’s confidential information, they also actively dissuaded RFX from pursuing the attractive VR Opportunities. Defendants’ motive for discouraging RFX from pursuing VR opportunities and for failing to apprise the board of these opportunities was revealed after their web of lies began to unravel.”