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Stats on the Mobile Market

Posted by: admin | News | February 8, 2016 Stats on the Mobile Market

A new study performed by GfK and commissioned by Facebook shows quite interesting stats on what works, and what doesn’t work, on the mobile market. According to the study, more than 60 per cent of shoppers said they’d either plan to start making purchases with their mobile phone in the coming year, or they would increase how much they’re already buying. 

 The study included 2 400 adults who had used mobile phones, tablets, desktops, or laptop computers to research or buy items online in the past three months. The study looked in quite a detail on why shoppers chose to use their mobile devices, with 56 per cent saying it was simply because they already happened to be on the device. 55 per cent argued for the convenience of the platforms available.

The study also looked at obstacles in mobile shopping, with 70 per cent of mobile shoppers saying website and app experience can still be improved and 71 per cent saying the transactions themselves have yet to improve. Some points included making it easier to enter payment information and adding the possibility of shipping to multiple addresses, as well as making transactions without downloading the store’s specific app.

“Viewing the path to purchase through separate channels—mobile versus desktop versus offline—doesn’t reflect the way the world is changing,” study commissioner Facebook said in a blog post concerning the study. “The rise in m-commerce presents brands with a chance to rewrite the rules of success by adapting to change and building a future-ready business.”

Here’s a short breakdown of the statistics from the study.