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Made in Under an Hour

Posted by: admin | News @sv | maj 28, 2015 Made in Under an Hour

In a stunt to inspire people to make the most of their lunch break, BBH London and KFC produced, shot and cut a music video in just 57 minutes. The music video was for UK rap artist Chip’s latest single “Feeling Myself”, featuring Kano and Wretch 32. The video was shot in a multi story London car park using a single drone camera. The four minute film was captured in just 50 minutes, leaving seven minutes for editing – 57 minutes in total for a process that usually takes weeks or more.

“With everything I do I work hard and try my best to bring unique creativity and great energy”, rapper Chip said. ”KFC’s collaboration with my company Cash Motto has all that to bring a vibrant visual. We’ve filmed, produced and edited my entire video for Feeling Myself in an hour to show our fans how much can be packed into 60 minutes. An hour is the time most people are given for lunch each day right? We wanted to show what an hour can offer when you seize the opportunity to do something creative.”

The video is part of KFC’s ”Pack More into Lunch” campaign which aims to open KFC for new audiences. It was directed by That Go and produced by Rachel Rumbold of production company Friend.

”This campaign was a great opportunity to expand upon the existing ‘Pack more into Lunch’ platform and open KFC up to new target audience”, said BBH creative director Hamish Pinell. ”Creating a music video in a lunchtime was an exciting challenge. Not only did we pull it off, we also set a new world record.”