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Gratisversion NUKE

Posted by: admin | News @sv | maj 5, 2015 Gratisversion NUKE

The Foundry has announced that they will release free, non-commercial and non-watermarked versions of their VFX software programmes NUKE, NUKEX, and NUKE STUDIO, designed for individuals interested in trying and learning more about their unique software.

NUKE STUDIO is well-renowned in the VFX world for its use as an all-in-one solution for modelling and editing all kind of projects, including animated films such as “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and live action films such as Academy Award winner “Gravity”. The free version will include limited functionality in a number of fields, and restrictions are to be placed on how it can be used, with a limited use for “personal learning, personal projects, experimentation and research.”

Free users will also not receive the same kind of technical support from The Foundry, and there are instead plans for setting up a new community as a self-evolving source of help and guidance.