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th1ng + Happycamper

Posted by: admin | News | June 24, 2015 th1ng + Happycamper

British production collective th1ng has now announced that they’ve signed Stockholm based directorial group Happycamper for their US representation. Happycamper are primarily known for their animation and for the integration of live action and animation in creative pieces, and were recently acquired by Magoo. They now consist of president and CEO Anders Törnquist, head director Andrés Rosas Hott, and Magoo’s executive producer Henrik Jernberg.

“With this arrangement in place, Happycamper can utilize the resources of Magoo and th1ng to work effectively and efficiently in the US Market”, said Happycamper CEO Anders Törnquist in a statement.

“Bill Hewes and I are delighted to welcome Happycamper to the th1ng group in the USA”, said th1ng’s executive producer and founder Dominic Buttimore. “Their creative approach to a wide range of briefs is inspiring and adds another dimension to our highly talented roster in the US marketplace.”