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The Best Ads of 2015

Posted by: admin | News | January 16, 2016 The Best Ads of 2015

2015 saw a number of great ads, displaying how well the medium develops with time. Here are some of the very best!

Women’s Aid — “Look At Me” 

A digital billboard uses high tech facial recognition software to recognise its audience. As more and more people pays attention, the model’s bruised face heals more and more in recognition of violence against women.

Extra Gum — “The story of Sarah and Juan” 

A beautiful love story featuring a cover of Elvis Presley’s classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, showing a young couple slowly growing older together.

Chevy – Super Bowl

Chevrolet managed to freak out a lot of people with their brilliant Super Bowl ad, featuring every sports fan’s worst nightmare – a broken TV.

Depaul — “There’s Another Side To The Story”

With a number of clever poster ads, Depaul managed to grab attention from plenty of pedestrians – showing there’s always another side of the story.

Volvo – “Live Paint”

Volvo shows a new invention in their ad “Live Paint”, allowing cyclists to stay safe with a reflective paint.

BuzzFeed/Purina — “Puppyhood”

This adorable ad spot features the touching relationship between a puppy dog and his owner, garnering over eight million views on YouTube.

Google — “Furever Friends”

According to ad tech company Unruly, Google’s new ad for their mobile operating system Android became the most shared ad not only of 2015, but of all time.

Fanpage.it — “Slap her”

This Italian public service announcement regarding domestic violence features boys aged 6 to 11 as they’re asked to hit girls.

Sport England — “This Girl Can”

This award winning ad, featuring Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On”, empowers plenty of women throughout the world to exercise.

The Spanish Lottery — “El Mayor Premio Es Compartirlo/The Greatest Prize Is Sharing”

A touching Spanish ad telling the story of a lonely security guard who passes his time by setting up factory mannequins in funny poses.