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Unscripted Shows Rule

Posted by: admin | News | December 4, 2015 Unscripted Shows Rule

Unscripted TV shows are doing phenomenally well – out of the top 50 entertainment telecasts on cable last quarter, 39 were unscripted. A number of reasons are given, both some somewhat easily guessed and some quite interesting. The biggest one, however, is simply getting good statistics and proper feedback as soon as possible after airing, and adjusting the shows thereafter. While scripted shows most often film all episodes in a block and release them one by one afterwards, unscripted shows more often than not film just before the release, allowing for more adjustments.

 “We try to understand the underlying motivations that people have when they’re watching television,” said svp of research and insights at Bravo and Oxygen Media, Dave Kaplan. “We try to suss out what those are, and if a show is delivering less on those things, it’s obviously an important note for production. The formula changes, and I think viewers evolve in terms of what they’re looking for out of unscripted shows”

Another reason is viewer loyalty to a certain network. As a network specialises in a certain area of unscripted television, it is easy to get a grip of a viewer who might not have a craving for a specific show, but rather a specific theme – which the network is known to deliver.