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Vimeo Invests

Posted by: admin | News | October 12, 2015 Vimeo Invests

Vimeo is building on the success of “High Maintenance” with an increase in original content. They’re backing a new season of “The Outs” by Adam Goldman, as well a short film and a stand up special, all premiering exclusively for customers of Vimeo’s on demand service. Vimeo is currently working on creating a online straming service comparable to YouTube and Netflix, working with filmmakers who put up their creations online, spending more on programming than ever before.

The main difference between Vimeo and other streaming services is how they treat commercia content, selling individual shows and episodes much like Apple’s iTunes store rather than selling site wide subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu.

“There is a global community of higher quality creators going direct to the audience,” Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said in an interview. “We’re producing content that is a cut above that which you’d see on YouTube yet also different from what you’ll see on services distributing more typical studio and network content, meaning Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.”