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YouTube Red

Posted by: admin | News | February 19, 2016 YouTube Red

YouTube’s new subscription service – YouTube Red, which was released in October of last year – are now offering original programming to its patrons. One such example is the FundedByMe crowdfunded film “Lazer Team” by Michael “Burnie” Burns and his production company Rooster Teeth. The $2.5 million sci-fi comedy about a group of dolts bestowed with alien technology was released exclusively on YouTube Red on Wednesday, February 10th.

Apart from the original content, YouTube Red also provides ad-free access to their site as well as the music service Google Play Music – all in all $10 per month. They are not, however, seemingly trying to beat Netflix or Hulu, and they’re not going for the bigger budgets.

“They’re not trying to do something entirely different,” said Michael Burns. “They’re just taking YouTube to the next level.”

YouTube Red will also release a documentary about YouTube comedienne Lilly “Superwoman” Singh as she goes on a world tour, as well as the dance film “Dance Camp” starring young Internet personalities, and a reality series centering on top YouTube video gamers Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg living out his nightmares.

“It is very different, but it’s also very similar to what I do,” said Kjellberg, “I play horror games, and this is basically just taking that into the real world. It felt like a natural extension.”