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YouTube Red

Posted by: admin | News | November 3, 2015 YouTube Red

Let’s dive right into YouTube Red – YouTube’s latest ad free subscription service. The new service started October 28th, at first just in the US and soon to be released worldwide, and it costs $9.99 a month. Red offers a number of perks in comparison to the regular, free version of YouTube, which will stay the way we know it – at least for now. The most glaring difference is the one everyone is talking about – all ads are removed. But that’s not all – Red also allows users to save videos for offline viewing, and allows users to view videos in the background on mobile while running other apps – like checking Facebook or Instagram.

The monthly fee also gives full access to Google Play Music, which today has the same fee – in other words, all users of Google Play Music can pretty much add Red for free. The final “perk”, which also seems to be the most controversial, is YouTube’s move to start putting videos behind a paywall, accessible only to users of YouTube Red.